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My experience talking to Cubans in the immediate aftermath of the American elections.

Washington Monthly

I wrote about the economic upheaval on the U.S.-Mexico border:

Traveling Cuba After Trump

The Future of Work


All of my posts for the Brookings Education blog can be found here.

The American Conservative

My review of Guillaume Nicloux's film can be read here.

Mexico's Education Reforms

Film Review: The Portrait of the Artist as a Kidnapee

No Se Mancha

More of my essays on contemporary Latin American politics, urban policy, and hemispheric relations can be found here.

Latin America's Megacities Tackle Transportation

Film Review: Pablo Larraín's No


More of my art, film, and culture reviews for Chicago-based arts nonprofit IPaintMyMind can be found here.

Film Review: Sorrentino's The Great Beauty

Exhibition Review: Ai Weiwei's According to What